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As trainers and breeders we know how important it is for a horse to grow up healthy. Because a horse is a herd animal, we find it important to give each foal the chance to grow up in a herd. This stimulates the social development of the foal and does justice to its natural needs.

That is why we keep our foals in groups from the moment they are weaned at appr. 5 months old. Until the age of 3 these groups largely remain the same, in summer and in winter.

From the moment the foal is weaned, we make groups of appr. 6 foals. During the wintertime they get free movement every day and are in hand every day as well. This makes sure that they grow up to be nice, well educated and strong horses.

We pay extra attention to management of our pastures and the quality of the feeding in the wintertime. Ofcourse that is also the case for hoof trimming, vaccinating and deworming of the young horses. Deworming also takes place on the base of fecal egg counts.

For the healthmanagement of our partners we work closely with the renowned equine clinic Paardenkliniek Wolvega and our feed suppliers.

Next to rearing our own foals, we have limited space for foals from outside. For more information about the possibilities for your foal, please contact us through the contact form on our website or call +31 (0)6 271 52 867 (Piet Sibma).


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