Below you find al list of all the fine friesian mares that you can buy. This list wil change over the years, so please come back to see our new mares. You can also check the list of our stallions and geldings.

Nena Stal Sibma
Born: 29.02.2020
Height: v. Tiede 501 mv. Tjalbert 460
Predicate: Foal book
Indra STER Sport Stal Sibma
Born: 09.03.2010
Pedigree: 1.66m
Height: v. Jisse 433 Sport mv. Onne 376 Sport
Predicate: Ster 1e premie
Yfke Rynke
Born: 27.04.2007
Pedigree: v. Time 398 mv. Jillis 301
Predicate: Studbook
Merrie Jaukje MM Ster Preferent
Born: 06.03.2019
Pedigree: v. Stendert 447 Sport mv. Sape 381 Sport
Height: 1.62m
Lys Tsjalina
Born: 08.04.2019
Pedigree: v. Jouwe 485 mv. Bente 412
Height: 1.69m
Predicate: Studbook
Born: 06.02.2018
Pedigree: Alwin 469 Pref x Olgert 445
Height: 1.65m
Predicate: Veulenboek

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