Below you find al list of all the fine friesian stallions that you can buy. This list wil change over the years, so please come back to see our new mares. You can also check the list of our mares and geldings.

Born: 26.04.2016
Height: 1.67m
Pedigree: Epke 474 Sport x Gjalt 426 Sport
Born: 11.04.2015
Height: 1.70m
Pedigree: Norbert 444 Preferent x Doaitsen 420
Predicate: Ster
Born: 05.05.2015
Height: 1.67m
Pedigree: Hessel 480 x Onne 376
Predicate: Ster
Born: 03.05.2014
Height: Reinder 452 x Doeke 287
Pedigree: 1.70m
Hoogbenige friese hengst Ziezo fan Friesburg te koop
Born: 26.04.2015
Height: Felle 422 Sport mv. Tsjalke 397
Pedigree: 1.70m
Fantastic stallion Rauke fan it Alddjip for sale
Born: 20.03.2013
Height: Jisse 433 x Anne 430
Pedigree: 1.64m
Predicate: Star
Real hotshot  stallion Wytze for sale!
Born: 23.05.2015
Height: Aan 416 x Jasper 366
Pedigree: 1.66m
Stallion Aaron stal Sibma
Born: 21.01.2009
Height: 1.67 m
Pedigree: Willem van Nassau x Manno
Predicate: IHW approved
Friese hengst Timo Stal Sibma
Born: 28.04.2014
Height: 1.64m
Pedigree: Alke x Onne
Predicate: Star
Friesian stallion for sale Rimmer
Born: 10.03.2013
Height: 1.64m
Pedigree: Jerke x Hearke
Predicate: Foalbook

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