Emotioneel afscheid van jubilerende Jasper 366

What an amazing stallion show!🤩 So many emotions and fantastic new champions❤️. And above all meeting new people and old friends. All with the same passion: the magnificent Friesian horse! We had fantastic three days in our booth in Leeuwarden and will continue today at home.

People who want to come visit to meet our sales horses or to meet up for other reasons, just let us know. Our doors are open for you! We look forward to seeing everyone again the coming year at our barn, at inspections in the NL or abroad or other occasions.

Thank you and the KFPS for a great weekend at the stallionshow! Congratulations to the new champion and Hengstenhouderij Van Manen & family Derksen🎉

And the biggest thank you goes to the family Wijma for 25 years of Jasper 366 Elite Preferent!! This stallion has a big place in our hearts and contributed in a great way to where we stand today❤️💪

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