Born: 17.04.2019
Pedigree: v. Bartele 472 Sport mv. Sape 381 Sport
Height: 1.71m
Predicate: Foal book
Jelte stal Sibma

Jelte is cool and very sweet all combined in one gorgious stallion. He is an eyecatcher, not only because of his hight, but also because of his very friendly expression and stunning looks with thick manes. Jelte has a strong conformtation with a nice head and strong neck. He also can move! Jelte has a powerful walk, and a trot with lots of expression.

Jelte was born as a riding horse. The first time he had a saddle on his back, he behaved like it was the most normal thing in the world for him. Jelte now has very solid basics in riding. He is always very cooperative and willing to learn new exercises. It is always a pleasure to work with him.

In the stable Jelte behaves very friendly and calm. He loves being groomed and cuddled. The farrier and loading on a truck or trailer are no problem for this steady, cool and collected stallion.

Jelte is approved on x-rays.

Studbook papers (Click to enlarge)

Stamboekpapier Jelte

jelte 01jelte 02jelte 03jelte 04jelte 05jelte 06jelte 07jelte 08jelte 09jelte 10jelte 11jelte 12

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