Born: 01.07.2017
Pedigree: Nane 492 x Lolke 371
Height: 1.66m
Predicate: Veulenboek

Fokke is an impressive Friesian stallion with a supersweet character. If you prefer the more baroque type Friesian, then Fokke is what you are looking for! He has a very friendly, stable and reliable character. With his powerful walk and trot, he is a true eyecatcher in riding and in the field when he is showing himself off!

Fokke is saddle trained. He has not put a hoof in the wrong direction since his first training and takes on the training as if he was simply born to do so naturally. While riding him, he will give you a very secure feeling. Fokke has had a very thorough basic training so far and is ready to be educated further. Considering his character we believe he can also be a perfect horse for leisure, trailrides and a true friend of the family.

He has no vices or stabledefects. Fokke is calm and sweet with farrier and vet!


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