Born: 19.03.2017
Pedigree: Uldrik 457 Sport x Doaitsen 422 Sport
Height: 1.67m
Predicate: Veulenboek


Fryso is an amazing son of the late championsire Uldrik 457! He has it all: the amazing sweet and honest character, the extraordinary looks and great movements!! Fryso is a very happy and uncomplicated horse. And he does not have any stallion like behaviour! His character is truly gold. He loves being around people and is very considerate.

Fryso is born and raised at Stal Sibma. His dam is a 1st premie stermare (ranked 113 in the topindex of the KFPS!) who is known to deliver only the sweetest Friesian horses. And also offspring that has high quality in conformation and movement: her first daughter is a Crownmare by Norbert 444 Sport Preferent and her son is a 3rd viewing stallion!

M Ster (1st premie)

MM Crown

MMM Ster Preferent

MMMM Model

Fryso is saddletrained and a great horse to ride. Excellent gaits and a super trot and canter! He shows lots of potential for sport, but also if you are looking for a leasure horse to go trailriding with: Fryso has it all! 

Loading on or off a trailer or truck is easy with Fryso, you can do it all by yourself. Farrier and vet are no problem, Fryso knows it all.

Do you want more information about this amazing stallion? Please do not hesitate to contact us!


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