Born: 09.03.2010
Pedigree: 1.66m
Height: v. Jisse 433 Sport mv. Onne 376 Sport
Predicate: Ster 1e premie

M. Model Sport Preferent Prestatie
MM Ster Preferent
MMM Ster Preferent
MMMM Model Preferent

Unique opportunity!! Do you want to boost your breedingprogram, or are you looking for a top notch Friesian mare to start breeding? Look no further, you just found her!

Indra STER Sport AA is a stunning 1st premie STER Sport mare from one of the best damlines in the KFPS. Sired by Jisse 433 Sport, expression, racialtype and strong movements are guaranteed. In the damline you will find Onne 376 Sport and Feitse 293 Preferent, making sure racialtype and strong movements are combined from both sides. The dam of Indra STER Sport AA is Resa S. Model Sport Preferent Prestatie, an exceptional high quality mare. She is a Crown Jewel in the KFPS, which means that she earned the predicate Preferent twice: 8 of 9 offspring got rewarded STER or higher! Two daughters are rewarded Crown!

Last Central Mare show a sister of Indra STER Sport AA, won the championship of the 4-6 yrs old mares!

Indra STER Sport AA is not only a 1st premie STER mare, she also possesses the SPORT predicate because of her results in dressage at Z-level. She also scored 77 points in the ridden IBOP that gave her the “AA” behind her name. Indra STER Sport AA retired from competing in dressage but still loves to go on a trailride or a nice and relaxed ride in the arena. Always willing and eager to work, like a true Jisse 433 Sport offspring, combined with a cool and collected character.

But that is not all: the best is yet to come!! Indra STER Sport is expecting a foal sired by the extremely talented and champion sire Nane 492 Sport!! Nane 492 Sport offspring stand out, like their sire, in sport. It was a daughter by Nane 492 Sport who won the Friesian Talent Cup in 2022. Also in the driving and show competitions you will find offspring by Nane 492 Sport highly ranked. In the KFPS-inspections offspring by Nane 492 do far better than average. So movements and sport are guaranteed in the expected foal through the dna of both Indra STER Sport AA and Nane 492 Sport.

Indra STER Sport AA is free of the dwarf- and hydrocephalus genes.

Studbook papers (Click to enlarge):

Stamboekpapieren Indra

indra 01indra 02indra 03indra 04indra 05indra 06indra 07indra 08indra 09indra 10indra 11indra 12indra 13



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