Born: 29.02.2020
Height: v. Tiede 501 mv. Tjalbert 460
Predicate: Foal book
Nena Stal Sibma

M Stb
MM Ster Preferent
MMM Ster Preferent

Nena is a chic 2 years old mare sired by the promising young stallion Tiede 501! Nena stands

because of her gorgeous expressive and noble head and her beautiful confirmation. Also her movements are very promising. In trot she shows a very strong hind leg power!

In her damline you find the sires Tjalbert 460 and Thomas 327 who are known for passing on strong movements and racialtype to their offspring.

Nena is easy and calm in handling.

Studbook paper (Click to enlarge)

Stamboekpapieren Nena

nena 01nena 02nena 03nena 04nena 05nena 06

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