Born: 06.02.2018
Pedigree: Alwin 469 Pref x Olgert 445
Height: 1.65m
Predicate: Veulenboek

Irene is a stunning Friesian mare. Very impressive with lots of racial type. She catches the eye with her gorgeous face, jetblack colour, and long manes. Considering championstud Alwin 469 Preferent is her sire, you know expression and movement are guaranteed. And above all that Irene has the sweetest character you can imagine!

Irene stems from a proven damline (stam 50):

M Ster v. Olgert 445

MM Ster Preferent Prestatie v. Djurre 284

MMM Ster v. Tsjalling 235 Preferent

MMMM Ster Preferent

November 2021 Irene was broken in under saddle. She has shown a very willing, trusting and cooperative character since the first steps under saddle. Knowing Irene still is unexperienced in riding, we would recommend a more experienced rider. Although, taking into account her stable and sweet character, we expect a more novice rider to also be able to ride her perfectly.

In the stables Irene is calm, cool, honest and stable. She has no stable defects or vices. Being with the farrier or vet, it's all fine with her. Also loading her on a truck or trailer is no problem at all.

Irene was x-rayed May 2021 and approved without any remarks!


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