Cara fan Stal Sibma is the sweetest horse you can imagine. And not just that, Cara is a high quality STER mare, with an excellent pedigree!! Her STER predicate confirms her strong conformation and strong movements. Sired by the topsire Epke 474 and a ster dam by Olrik 383, Cara has all it takes to become a high quality breeding mare. Cara is born and raised at Stal Sibma. Since day one she has been nothing but sweet and friendly. Always coming for a cuddle or a pat on the neck. When she is around children, Cara immediately lowers her neck and head and slows her pace to adjust to the hight en tempo of the "mini" people. 

M Ster

MM Model AAA

MMM Ster Preferent

MMMM Ster Preferent



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