Born: 17.02.2017
Pedigree: Maurits 437 Sport x Dries 421 Sport
Height: 1.60m
Predicate: Veulenboek


As a son by Maurits 437 and a dam by Dries 421 Dymer stands out with his noble expression, fantastic manes and excellent movements!! If you are a fan of the chique Friesian expression, then Dymer is what you are looking for! Dymer is a true eyecatcher that makes people turn their head when they pass him. And above that, Dymer comes with a fantastic character: friendly, honest, joyful & playful! Simply fun to be around him as he knows how to make a person smile.

Dymer comes from a proven dam line. His full brother was in het KFPS stallion performance test! 

M Ster
MM Ster Preferent

MMM Ster Preferent

MMMM Ster Preferent

Dymer was born and raised at Stal Sibma, so all of his life is known. And up to this moment he never had an "off day", an injury or whatsoever. We started breaking him in at 3,5 years old. Dymer is a smart boy and he picks up new exercises easy. At the moment he is trained at M/Z-level. He is a fantastic horse to ride with lots of gummy in his movements! We believe he has a lot of potential in sport. And with his nice and friendly character Dymer can also be a great leisure horse.

Dymer is relaxed with vet, farrier and on or offloading on a truck or trailer.

If you want more information about this amazing horse, please contact us.




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